Lyn EdwardsMeet Lyn Edwards (that’s me!), owner of Design Within Reason. For over twenty years I’ve been helping clients find their style, resonate with the power of colour, and conquer tricky room layouts. More importantly, though, I instil self confidence to enable you, my client, to make the best choices. Fresh ideas, dramatic transformations, or subtle matter whether your budget is (very) limited or the sky’s the limit, I have options for you.

Distinct from my competitors is my use of a coaching model that I’ve developed to help clients make better decisions – those that feel right for you. As you become more confident with design possibilities, your true personality emerges and the results are better than you had imagined they ever could be.

Helping others create beautiful spaces brings me self fulfillment and great joy. The collaborative process just naturally brings out the best in people; it's playful and serious at the same time. We laugh at our misses, cheer when we fix it, and always celebrate our successes. I believe everyone has the ability to transform the energy of a room, or an entire home for that matter, with a little help. Nothing brings me more pleasure than when a client squeals with delight followed by, "We did it! It’s amazing!", and ultimately, “What's next?”.

Some say that technology has made listening a dying art. Well, not at Design Within Reason. I listen intently. I'm looking for what's working, what's not and what we can do together to bring it to the next level. Endowed with an exceptional eye for space and colour, I also know where to get the “good stuff” that will bring it to life – marvelous furniture, outstanding accessories, and dazzling building materials and finishes. And I pass on my supplier discounts to my clients, wherever possible.

The question of fees is usually very close to the top of the list with potential clients. In my case, time is money – I sell my time. Wrapped up in the time I spend with you is my experience, my eye for space and colour, and my network of trade suppliers. Most clients say my fees are more than recovered with the discounts and savings they experience from my suppliers.

Other things clients have said are:
• I tell them the truth.
• I do what I say I’ll do.
• I complete projects on schedule.
• And, most importantly, I share their vision.

They also send me lots of testimonials. My business continues to grow because of referrals from those who love their new space. I look forward to meeting you and helping you Design Within Reason.

Lyn .


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Lyn Edwards
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