If you’re like a lot of people, from time to time you look around your home (or office) and think: Something needs to be done around here, but what should I do? You sit down, think about it for awhile, it becomes overwhelming … and you go and do something else. That’s when Design Within Reason can come to the rescue! If you:

  • Want someone to help you visualize an updated look or develop a fresh new colour palette to bring a room to life. Perhaps you’d like someone to guide you (with seeds of inspiration) to redefine your space without feeling intimidated by the process.
  • Have an idea about what you like but don’t know how to pull it together. Maybe you love a piece but don’t know how to anchor it or make it the focal point of a room.
  • Are you just fed up with the “too lived-in look” and searching for solutions for a clutter-free style.
  • Would like your home to match your lifestyle or reflect your personality.

Talk to me. Design Within Reason is a simple, affordable and straightforward coaching solution that helps bring out the decorator in you.


  • Our fee is $500 + HST for a minimum block of 5 hours. Right now you’re thinking that’s far more than you’ll need. You’ll have to trust me on this one; it’s required. I just know it.
  • We begin with an in-home conversation to determine what you would like to accomplish.
  • You bring out your wish list. We know things about the wish list. Like where to get all that good stuff at designer discounts.
  • We put together a story board with suggestions including colour recommendations and some elements to help you express the look and feel you discussed with me.
  • We get to work to bring that lifestyle change, or fresh look, or complete makeover to life.

When you have a plan, you’re in the driver’s seat and you decide what needs to be accomplished within your budget. The plan enables you to make smart choices and stay on track over the life of the project.

Design Within Reason Design Within Reason Design Within Reason Design Within Reason Design Within Reason

  • Keep what you LOVE and purge or relocate what no longer works for you. Start with a clean sweep and carefully select and re-enter the key piece(s) that will anchor your new space.
  • Remember inspired living means surrounding yourself with pieces that you love. Mixing special pieces with great finds will create a design-savvy home.
  • Painting a room is the single most inexpensive way to decorate a room and yet one of the most challenging to get right. There are so many rich choices, but it truly hinges on the colours that resonate with you. We can help you connect with the power of colour and change your world.
  • Whether you are creating a kid-friendly room or blending exquisite textiles and furnishings, it’s all about the details.
  • When space is an issue, pile on the style…an injection of quirky, maybe? We look for interesting and unexpected finds and combinations, pops of colour, amusing objects, dramatic lighting, incredible pillows or whatever you can imagine.
  • Similar rules apply for kitchens and bathrooms; simple upgrades like re-facing cabinets, backsplashes, and changing the flooring materials will create a huge impact that brings warmth and energy into a room.

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