"Over the past ten years, project by project, we have explored each design transition together in a collaborative approach that showcases more and more of my personality. Lyn continues to build on textures, changing colours to create a particular ambience, as we add special pieces, within my budget. On my own, my home would have been “OK” but now it’s a warm and inviting space for friends and family.

Her fees are so reasonable and her approach so refreshing."

Linda Moore - Burlington

"Thank you, Lyn, for helping to turn our house into 'our home'.

By creating an overall plan, researching and sourcing suppliers and contractors, choosing beautiful furniture and perfectly placing the pieces, you were able to bring our vision to life. Your co-operative and flexible style allowed this to be achieved in spite of having to work around our busy schedule and two curious young children."

Lea Callaghan - Oakville

"Thank you for the wonderful work you did on my condo. You captured my personality with colour in a way that I wasn’t able to see for myself.

My space is urban but now it’s hip and sensual (just like me) and I love it."

Ayanna McAlmont - Oakville

"Lyn has an exceptional sense of colour. Our living room furniture and décor was a disparate mix of yellow with army greens, turquoise with brown and natural wood tones. All the pieces are beautiful but we were having a terrible time trying to make them all work together. Lyn recommended a dark beige paint with a turquoise feature wall that instantly harmonized the room creating a warm and inviting space. It was such a simple an inexpensive solution that fit our budget."

Samantha Barrett-Wallace - Toronto

"In our 1854 farm house, Lyn did a masterful job in building a colour palette to compliment the original doors and woodwork. The plan created a seamless flow throughout our two story homestead. Thank you for a magnificent change that I could not have begun to do myself."

Janet Laughton-MacKay - Castleton, ON

"We want to thank you so much for transforming our drab kitchen in a beautiful contemporary one that now flows so beautifully with the rest of the condo. Your design ideas were so practical and suited our budget. From beginning to end, working with you was perfection."

Maralyn Wilson - Burlington

"As a supplier of original art often in large format selected by Lyn for her clients, I have been invigorated by her sophisticated sense of colour, line and form. Her design projects appear seamless. By that I mean every element works together to create a space that appears inevitable in its taste. I am privileged that the energy of my art coalesces with  that of Lyn’s beautifully designed spaces. I have always believed beauty to be a promise of happiness. "

David C Drum - Le Bateau Gallery of Fine Art - Crystal Beach

"Lyn transformed our home and our lives. What started with de-cluttering turned into a full renovation and ultimately the sale of our home. She partnered with us, guided us by attention to detail, professionalism and a sense of humour that eased what could have been a very difficult time. The bonus, the changes increased the value of our home by almost $200,000 over the pre-reno asking price. Lyn is currently doing a make-over on our new two bedroom condo overlooking Lake Ontario. Thank you Lyn-again."

Karen Gilchrist & Jim Campbell - Toronto

"Lyn was recommended to me by our contractor during the renovation of our kitchen and family room. I had never used someone like her before and needed to understand what I would get for a block of her time and my money. Well, that was 3 blocks of time ago, and I can tell you she 'gets us' and our lifestyle. For anyone who is worried about the value she brings or if you should spend the money - her fees are more than covered with her designer discounts. She makes me laugh and think about what I am doing. I think she is smart and I trust her. "

H Szopiak - Toronto

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